• Competitive Pricing

    With more than two decades of experience and as one of the leading diesel suppliers in UAE, we have developed an optimum way of purchasing and storing the products to offer the most competitive pricing to our customers.

  • Quality Services

    As one of the leading fuel suppliers in the UAE, we are known for our rigorous testing methods at the point of purchase and sales. Additionally, we have the periodic calibration of our equipment to ensure that quality and quantity are delivered as per our commitments and customer requirements. All the valves of the trucks are sealed at the time of dispatch and removed at the time of delivery by a customer representative.

  • Safety Features

    We have a very comprehensive HSE policy in place. We have fitted our terminal and our vehicles with adequate safety equipment, and our personnel are trained to handle situations in the right way.

  • On-Time Delivery

    We have a fleet of trucks with a capacity of 12000IG,10000IG,5000IG,2000IG,1500IG 1000IG, which helps in catering to our client’s requirements based on their consumption. Moreover, we have two terminals strategically located that ensure smooth operations and on-time delivery.

  • Customized Solution

    As fuel suppliers and distributors, we know that fuel is an essential commodity for running operations, we understand customers' individual needs and tailor-make a supply mode that suits them the best.

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